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Beverly Hills, West Virginia
Home Town: Beverly Hills
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My Qualifications

International Baccalaureate
Speech and Drama: Performance Studies
3.7  (2014)

Information about Manos

The happiest moment while tutoring is that moment when my student understands a new concept. As a previous owner of 2 Computer Stores and by having an IT Diploma on my hands I trained lots of individuals. I also have a BA in Communication Studies, a Degree in Acting for Film and a Degree in Theater of Arts. My personal goal is to help students to understand complex concepts while instilling a love of learning. I specialize in tutoring computer science and other subjects such as Public Speaking and more. During my University studies, I tutored Computer Science in classmates, and also tutored many clients so far. I tutored MS Office, networking solutions and POS Software and one-on-one General Computer Training for a private Nursing College for about a year. My typical student would make huge progress in a short period of time. My policy in life when it comes up to this responsibility of tutoring students is that if the student fails to do great in the class, work or anywhere that he has to apply what he has learned, then the Tutor that was assigned to help the student has just failed as well. I also have another rule in life. When I see that students do not give the effort to finish assignments or do their homework, I will do anything possible to reverse this but if there is still no effort from them, then I do not think that I am the right tutor for the particular student. The goal is to pass together the exams or to work on solutions and learn together. In other words, I don’t give grades. You earn them with hard work, effort and my guidance and help. The goal is not just spending time and money with no results. The goal is to succeed together.
My expectation of my students is that they attempt all homework questions prior to our sessions so that we start by going over the concepts that were difficult for them. I am adept at giving many different explanations and examples of concepts until I find one that connects with my student. Often there are concepts from previous lessons that can be caught up on in the first couple sessions and future sessions can focus on current material as well as preparing ahead so that the student can make the most of the time spent in class. I tutor also eldest people that need training in Computer Usage, MS Office, Internet, Technical Issues and Solutions, Computer Hardware Assembly and many other things. I am tutoring anybody that wants to learn how to use specific programs in Mac or Windows in order to get hired in a specific job.
I wish to provide the best possible experience for my students. I value the integrity of my services, having been a student for the majority of my life I understand that life can be hectic. I appreciate a 12-hour cancellation notice and offer rescheduling of appointments. I am easy to get a hold of and respond quickly to emails, usually within an hour if I am not currently in a session. I offer tutoring at a location of the student`s choice.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Availability: I am flexible and I am always trying to accommodate students.

Willing to travel: 50 miles

Experience: Undergraduate Degree
Communication Studies

Communication Studies
Graduate Degree(s)

It Technology

Theater of Arts

Teaching Certification

Teacher at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Instructor at Angeles Nursing College (Educational Software-Training)

Active participant in operating Speech and Debate (Forensics) programs, earning Argumentation & Communication Leadership Award (1st Place) in LACC District in debates with other critical thinkers from different Universities

Critical Thinking