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The Planet Earth

Geography is a domain of science which concerns itself with the planet earth, the natural forces affecting and changing it, along with its human inhabitants. The term geography itself...

Queen of Sciences

Math is often called the queen of the sciences - but what grants it this noble accolade, a title that suggests it looks down upon the lessor disciplines of physics, chemistry and biol...

The main stages to teach foreign languages

The main stages to teach foreign languagesIn today`s intercultural society, no one can deny the importance of learning a second language. In our institution we believe that major act...

Modelling Conductive Heatflow Through a Heat-shielding Tile on a Spaceshuttle During Reentry

AbstractThis report investigates different numerical methods for solving PDEs which are used to model the temperature change and inner surface temperature through a heat shielding til...


Java Tutorial or Core Java Tutorial or Java Programming Tutorial is a widely used robust technology. Let`s start learning of java from basic questions like what is java tutorial, core...